Products - Innocid HD-i 42 hygiene of the hands, 1 litre

Innocid HD-i 42 hygiene of the hands, 1 litre


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What are the Qualities of Our Liquid Disinfectant that Makes Us the Right Choice for You?

We are available with Liquid Disinfectant of brand Innocid HD-I 42 hygiene of the hands. This solution is prepared for disinfection and hygiene of the hands in the medical field. It has a broad spectrum: fungicidal, tuberculocidal, bactericide, and virucidal.

Our Liquid Disinfectant is known to be versatile having a multipurpose impact. It cleans, purifies, and refreshes. It has antibacterial properties too. You can also apply it washable surfaces. This product makes sure that each place gets hygienic cleanliness. You can use it in offices, schools, hospitals, public places, and at home too. Get Liquid Disinfectant bulk for sale from our online company today!